VARABYEU ENGINEERING is subsidiary of VARABYEU PARTNERS Group which was established as a professional team providing complex project management services in construction, engineering services and design of utility systems for buildings and facilities.

Construction project management by VARABYEU ENGINEERING is full-scale assistance to the Investor from the outset, i.e. from the original idea to occupancy of the construction object.
Design by VARABYEU ENGINEERING is modern high-skill utility systems solutions in construction of buildings and facilities, development of design documentation in stages “Structural Decisions”, “Site Plan” and “Construction Organization”.

Quality management system by VARABYEU ENGINEERING, which is an innovative authoring, based on ISO 9001 requirements, is currently under implementation.
Our major competitive advantage is the experience of foreign investment projects implementation in the English language. That means that we speak one language with the Investor.
VARABYEU ENGINEERING and VARABYEU PARTNERS Group of Companies – is an absolute guarantee for the successful implementation of your project!