The renovation design of the residential development on Novovilenskaya Str in Minsk is to shape a new attractive residential and business environment in close vicinity to the city center. The complex of variable altitude buildings will form the architectural and infrastructure attraction center in the northern part of the city, which might well turn into a dynamic stimulus for further development of the area.

Two 22-storey residential buildings will become the vertical centerpiece of the complex, with each of them adjoining the 9-storey residential buildings by office facilities located on the first and second floors. The construction of an adjoining 6-7-storey multifunctional business-administration complex is envisaged to close the development area.

The existing 3-storey buildings located along the perimeter will undergo major reconstruction. Designed in uniform style with the whole complex, they will turn into modern high-comfort living space with an additional fourth storey.

All the buildings have been designed with a jointless ossature system without girders and joints and with flat monolithic floor disks. Big full-glazed facades will make the residential and business buildings of the complex look both dynamic and light, incorporating them into the modern look of Minsk.

The space planning concept presupposes the creation of recreational areas inside the development complex with children’s playgrounds and sports grounds, mini-parks and leisure zones. This approach ensures visual and noise protection of the densely built-up area from noisy streets, and creates due conditions for recreation.

Parking has become the topical issue for modern Minsk. The design presupposes the creation of surface car parks for 100 cars along the development perimeter. The residential buildings will be also equipped with underground parking with 125 parking slots.