VARABYEU ENGINEERING provides a wide range of engineering services in construction:


Preparation of initial design data and receipt of the Architectural Planning Assignment as per established procedure;

Calculation of engineering loads, formation and registration of loads summary list for design of the Object;

Request, analysis and receipt of technical requirements for maintenance engineering of the Object;

Procedure-compliant choice of companies, developing the design, conducting the engineering survey and, when necessary – scientific research;

Signing of contracts on design, engineering survey and, when necessary – scientific research; control over the progress;

Acceptance from contractors of design documentation, which has been approved of and passed the state independent expertise.

Receipt of the Construction Site Allocation Certificate, permits for the allocation of a borrow quarry for deficient soil excavation and pit for excessive soil and construction waste;

On-site establishment of the allocated lot lines, receipt of the Site Possession Certificate with outlined conditions and duration of possession;

Preparation and submission of all necessary materials to the local executive and regulatory authorities in order to get the Construction Permit;

Receipt of permits from relevant bodies on works execution in on-site zones with overhead power transmission lines, communications lines in railroad precincts, underground communications and utilities (cable, gas, sewer and other);

Consumption of electricity, gas, water and steam from existing sources according to the project of construction organization during construction works in cities and other build-up areas;

Deforestation, trees relocation and, when necessary – receipt and hand-over of felling licenses;

Provision of the geodesic stakeout basis;

Management of on-site demolition and land clearing works, re-housing of citizens residing in houses subject to demolition, relocation or reconstruction;

Ensuring, in cases stipulated by current legislation, that citizens get indemnification of the cost of privately-owned residential houses and facilities subject to demolition, as well as of withdrawn fruit and berry plantations and crops;

Preparation of materials necessary to obtain the permit for execution of construction works; registration of officials, performing technical supervision and direct management of construction in state construction supervision bodies;

Signing of a contract on field supervision with the design company;

Choosing a contractor to perform certain types of installation and construction works by means of Tender or negotiations between parties when Tender procedure is not obligatory under current legislation;

Signing of construction contracts as stipulated by current legislation as a result of Tender or agreement between the parties;

Hand-over of approved design documentation to Tender-winning contractors as per established procedure;

Technical supervision in accordance with Construction Standards and Regulations of the Republic of Belarus 1.03.01-99 “Technical Supervision. Principal Provisions”;

Obtaining from contractors of as-built documentation compliant with effective regulations and in sufficient number of copies;

Management of Tender on procurement of construction materials, products, structures and equipment; signing of contracts with suppliers as a result of Tender, in case the procurement of the mentioned material resources is to be performed by the engineering company under the construction contract;

Delivery of equipment and materials, their acceptance, registration and due storage when necessary;

Performing a pre-installation inspection of equipment and on-time hand-over of equipment to contractors for further installation, when to be performed by the engineering company under the construction contract;

Ensuring the execution of balancing and commissioning works, complex approval and testing of equipment;

Accounting, operative accounting and statistical records management, due reporting on construction progress and performance of the contract;

When necessary, filing claim or action against contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and design company as to indemnification of penalties (fines, late payment charges) for non-performance or undue performance of contract provisions; verification of reasonableness of claim elements against the engineering company;

Ensuring sufficient on-time financing of the investment project implementation as per contract provisions;

Establishment and management of the Acceptance Commission on completed objects of construction or executed construction works;

Provision of the Acceptance Commission with materials, required by standard technical documentation;

Inviting state supervision officials to take part in acceptance of executed works and completed Object;

Proper execution of the Certificate of Practical Completion of the Object;

Determining the operational mode of the Object during equipment approval and acceptance;

Registration of Investor’s title to real property;

Participation together with contractors and a utility services company in the Object inspection during the defects notification period;

Development and approval of the Progamme of Works;

Maintenance engineering on the construction site according to the Progamme of Works;

Ensuring fire protection security on construction site and general fire prevention activities;

Ensuring occupational safety on the construction site;

Ensuring safety of on-site construction materials, products, structures, equipment, building machines and mechanisms of other property, as well as of executed works and accepted installation and construction works and structural elements from contractors;

Provision of contractors with utilities, communications and accommodation under construction contracts;

Ensuring due sanitary condition and maintenance of the construction site and construction Object;

Handover of the construction site to contractors as per the Scope of Works Act and in accordance with the construction contract;

Keeping a General Works Registry and a Field Supervision Registry;

Coordination of contractors’ activities during construction of the Object.



Presentation of model apartments, materials, products, structures, types of works, plumbing and electrical equipment, if necessary;

Development of draft contracts with operating companies and companies providing the completed objects with power, heat, water supply and other resources, or (and) signing of the mentioned contracts per power of attorney on behalf of the Investor;

Acting as Trustee in management of the completed real property by order of the Owner and as per current legislation;

Control over due occupancy of the completed real property as per current legislation;

Ensuring service maintenance, scheduled preventive maintenance and other types of works during occupancy of the completed real property